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Seginus Anaximander Phaethon Black's Journal

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
8:26 pm
What an eventful few days I have had!

I believe that my decision to have Seth call upon me was a wise one. We have come to an agreement: he shall work for me, instead of for all of wizarding London. I must admit that I am quite pleased with this development, and the events that lead to it. I had forgotten how much I enjoy his company. I am sure I shall not regret this agreement, it almost seems too simple for my tastes. I suppose I am used to dealings and trades that require extensive work and are contain more complexity than even the wisest of scholars could hope to decipher and understand.

I have also had the pleasure of entertaining Justine, Miss Crabbe, and Mr. Moody for tea. Seeing Justine was a pleasure, as always, and Miss Crabbe proved most delightful, but I cannot say the same about seeing Abaddon Moody. He is not as bad as I find myself remembering, but my darling cousin seems too fond of him for my tastes. It is a bothersome problem, and I find myself at ends about what to do about it. Melisande has offered the services of her mother as a seer to determine what is going on with my staff. A wise precaution, I think, as Vindemiatrix is coming.

Speaking of my sister; I do wonder when she shall arrive. I was under the impression that she would come this week, but it is already mostly past, and still, she has not come, even to select a room. I am torn between being filled with unhappiness at not seeing her beautiful face, and relief. I have so much to do, and so little time to accomplish it in.

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Friday, September 5th, 2003
6:13 pm

My apologies for not writing, though why I am apologizing to an inanimate object is beyond me. The past two days have been burdened with more activities and stress than I care to admit. It all started when I was summoned to M. Rossaunt's town house last week. The announcement of his resignation in muggle politicks has left the entire city in a tizzy, and I am afraid I cannot confess some of the goings on even to you. I will be so bold as to confess my fear that someone may find this diary and use it against me, so I feel that until I have the time to perform some locking spells and truth potions, my words will have to remain censored.

On top of the latest merry-go-round of politics and social appointments, I have had two maids quit, complaining of the unwanted attentions of another member of the staff. I must be on my guard, and carefully watch them. My sister is coming in a few short days, and I seek to weed out the troublemaker before trouble comes to call. One of the women who quit was to be her chamber maid; now I must hire another, as well as supervising the cleaning and readying of her rooms.

Cousin Justine and Miss Crabbe were to come to tea, but I was forced to cancel because of a critical appointment. I must confess disappointment, I was looking forward to meeting with Justine, and seeing Melisande is always a pleasure of the highest degree. Something troubles me, though. She mentioned a business association with a Mr. Moody- surely she cannot mean Abaddon Moody, the boy she swore to marry in a fit of rage while we were at Hogwarts? What business can my cousin possibly have with such a man? I shall try to put it from my mind, I'm sure there's a reasonable explaination. Under the weight of the current stress, I simply cannot find it.

After such a stressing week, I think it is time to call upon Seth- I wonder if he is free tonight? While his client base appears to becoming expansive, I'm sure he could find a way to make time for myself.

Seginus Black

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Saturday, August 30th, 2003
6:16 pm
An invitation to tea...

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Friday, August 29th, 2003
4:18 pm
What a quaint and charming present Vindemiatrix has given me, a journal. She says it is so I may pen my thoughts down instead of thinking about them constantly and frowning at every turn. I don't understand how she can think this, as every time I see my darling sister, my face is lit with the most extraordinary smile. Perhaps she has been spying on my meetings, or work.

Father has decreed that Ariadne is to travel to London, and take her rightful place among society's elite. She will live at our city house, and though I know that she will meet every challenge my beloved city has to offer, I am still slightly concerned. Vindemiatrix has lived here nearly her entire life, with few and infrequent trips from these blessed grounds. Better to send Eridanus, who is courting the city's own Alyssa Winchester, and would be well-blessed to stay there, or myself. It seems as if I spend more than half of my time in London anyway. I suppose that is the point, though; Vindemiatrix cannot live a sheltered life forever. She will be expected to marry and carry on the family line, and Father has told me I am to begin searching for a husband for her, as I know the current set of men much better than he. Funny, I cannot think of a single one who would be suitable for my precious, precocious Ariadne. It seems as if now, more than ever, I do not want anyone to lay a hand on her fair skin, to run their fingers through her dark hair and to touch her as I am so certain she has never been touched. Ariadne is proud and beautiful, full of grace and charm, the best the most noble and ancient house of Black has produced to date, and I cannot help but feel that to dilute her blood and beauty with anything less than that of one of the greatest houses would be to slander and sully her beyond hope of redemption. Someday, I shall be weighed on the scales of life, and the balance shall determine whether I go to the gates of heaven or the fires of hell, and there is an indescribable feeling that choosing the wrong man for her would be to tip the balance irreparably downwards. No one seems suitable. I will have to think about it more carefully.

In the mean time, she cannot be expected to live alone without the protection of a man: I will offer to go with her, if she will have me and Father will allow it. It will not mean such travel over the dirt roads, though I could never describe the gait of one of my stallions as grating. Whether she will accept my wishes to accompany her remains to be seen; though how or why she would refuse are beyond my expansive imagination.

Seginus Anaximander Phaethon Black

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